ZIM-Network Morpheus

The focus of networking in Morpheus is the processing of medical data in order to be able to derive recommendations for action, which lead to new forms of therapy and new innovative products.

Today, we have the opportunity of accessing masses of data on every possible subject. A tremendous amount of data (big data) is being generated all around us in a mostly random and unstructured manner. Forecasts suggest that the volume of data produced worldwide will double every two years. ‘Big data’ has already become a key technology for the economy, science and society.

Appearing on the market in recent years are new companies capable of processing the frequently insurmountable quantities of raw data for their clients, of analysing the data and coming up with recommendations for action. This is called data mining. Data mining can revolutionise the detection of appropriate biomarkers or, alternatively, give an indication of whether a particular form of therapy is meaningful or not. In many cases, it is possible for the first time to determine what patient groups A and B have in common or why a therapy works for patient group C and not for D.   

The Morpheus network currently consists of three large-scale and 13 medium-sized pharmaceutical companies along with 11 research institutes, including four clinics, the linking and overriding elements of which are the subjects of ‘data mining’ and ‘personalised medicine’. Medical data are used in all projects in order to enhance the quality of medical equipment, optimise therapies and develop new products, with the aim of curing diseases and improving the living conditions of invalids.