Novidion GmbH

Novidion GmbH is an innovative and technology-oriented company based in Cologne. Originally founded as a mail order company, Novidion GmbH now develops and markets its own medical and lifestyle products as well as medical devices such as pulse oximeters, ventilation bags and emergency medical technology. In addition to the multi-faceted product portfolio, Novidion's competencies include development, manufacturing, market access, technological know-how in the field of medical technology and the sale of medical products.

In addition to equipping clinics and nursing homes, Novidion GmbH also provides care for patients at home, in emergency services or in medical practices. Through cooperation with numerous renowned institutes, clinics, universities and doctors all over the world, Novidion GmbH is committed to progress and development both in the field of clinical medicine and in the private and nursing sector.



Fuggerstr 30
51149 Köln
Phone: +49 (0)2203 – 988 52 04