Fraunhofer-Institut für Biomedizinische Technik (IBMT)

Improved and innovative cell culture techniques and adequate analytical measuring procedures have to keep step with the swift biotechnological development of future-oriented therapeutic concepts. Standardizing and optimizing are gaining more and more relevance in the area of pre-clinical and clinical testing of agents and vaccines. The main department Medical Biotechnology is developing therefore alternative cell culture systems, testing and analysing procedures for all kinds of stem cell research, for the personalized medicine, the toxicological validation of substances and the nano-biotechnology. The development of agents is supported by corresponding technological platforms as there are transport and exposition studies of therapeutic application systems over biological barriers like e.g. the skin-, the gastro-intestinal and the lung barrier, as well as the blood-brain barrier. We are realizing cellular systems by working with primary cells which are very close to the physiology of the human organism. The barrier models can be used to study the transport of molecules but also of nanoparticles at the body’s barriers. Nanoparticles loaded with e.g. drugs against Alzheimer’s disease, carrying specific anchor molecules on their surface, are examined with the blood-brain barrier model regarding their potential for the Alzheimer therapy. The lung barrier model is suitable for pre-clinical testing of newly inhalative drugs. The Fraunhofer IBMT has it’s own quality management unit with years of experience. The quality assurance at Fraunhofer IBMT is one of the mainstays for customer service on a high level. Permission was granted to Fraunhofer IBMT regarding the following certifications and accreditations: GLP-certification (test category 9: other studies: biological and microbiological safety testing of medical devices, pharmaceuticals and cell therapeutics), DIN EN ISO 9001, GCLP-certification, DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025.

Individualized mathematical/system medical models for the development of disease processes have the potential to predict future health incidents and the individual therapy result. Such predictive models can support clinicians with their diagnosis and treatment of their patients and can help patients to understand their disease. For the development of these mathematical predictive models highly diverse clinical patient data need to be compiled from information systems, need to be harmonized and analysed. Data protection of personal and sensible patient information has to be secured. New prediction models can be made available after their validation to clinicians and patients for decision support and health management. The workgroup Health Information Systems creates innovative and semantic tools and platforms to merge and analyse heterogeneous clinical and laboratory data stock in a data protection compliant way and to validate predictive models with the target of their integration into an innovative disease-management solution system.



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